House Rules

1. Be Nice to Everyone. This includes the people you don’t agree with. The only one here with license to be un-nice is me, and generally I won’t use it.

2. No flaming, trolling, or any other form of passive aggressive blog sabotage. I know the patterns. I’ll ban you.

3. No porn. No links to porn. No million questions about “is it art or is it porn?” unless that is something that I decide to post about. If you made it, and it looks like porn, then it’s porn, and if you post it here, it’ll get deleted.

4. NO name calling (this means no attacks on someone’s identity, no telling someone they’re NOT something that they identify as, and in general no presumption of the right to define reality for someone else.)

5. I deem this part of blogland to be a safe, hate-free, anti-pornography space for all women. My hope is that all kinds of women will eventually participate in the conversation. That said, there will be no toleration of any kind of anti-woman hate speech on this website- and there will be no toleration for anti-lesbian, anti- trans, or anti-feminist rhetoric of any kind. And at the end of the day, the judgment call is mine to make. There will be no flame wars here- it’s been too destructive everywhere else. IF I see it starting to happen here I’ll just utilize the “delete” feature till it stops.

6. Now that all the “what not to do” bits are out there, I DO want you all to comment and converse and have fun. I really like the idea of everyone feeling welcome here. I don’t like having to make rules, but it seems inevitable. There are folks out there who like to really bring women down, especially when they are outspoken against the porn industry, and the point of having these rules is more or less to warn those folks (they know damn well who they are) that it just ain’t gonna work here.

7. A WARNING: if you do get triggered by naked-ness, there are some pictures that I might post of women who are naked that might bother you. Sorry. I do have a tendency to paint non-pornographic pictures of women who are either naked or topless. You might see boobs and pubic hair sometimes. I think I already mentioned that somewhere.

Ok, that’s all. If you have any genuine questions you can feel free to email me. My contact info is right out there in big, red font.


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I Have Made some Post-consumer stuff…


And also this…

And now I’m kinda at a loss as to what to do with them. I’m thinking maybe homemade journal covers. :: Shrugs ::

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Ok, ok, I know I need a better name for these things b/c this sounds like some sort of artistic colo-rectal condition. I know that somebody out there has to be doing this already, so if they have a better name for it, they need to step up and let me know, dangit.

So all I did was take some shots with this polaroid camera that had really old film in it, then I gessoed the blank polaroids and painted on top of it. Voila! Instant awesomeness.

I think I really am getting a feel for the acrylics, b/c my shading, etc. has progressed a whole lot since I did this one probly a month and a half ago. Gah. I don’t ever want to do anything but paint. Now everyone and everything I look at becomes a painting. I don’t know if that’s healthy. It’s better than other alternatives, I guess.

Back in a bit with angel updates….

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Art Journal Stuff

Since I’ve been working on this angel thing I haven’t really had the space in my room to whoop out my painting journal and do anything new this week. I have the weekend off, though, and my plan is to make some progress on that darn thing.

The wings are vexing me.

IN the meantime, though, I wanted to talk about a couple of my painting journal pages.

Here’s Kali:

I didn’t crop her too well when I scanned, but other than that I think this is a pretty cool entry. I used all kinds of stuff, gel medium and tissue paper, aluminum tape, re-gessoing, oil pastels, gel ink. I like goddess imagery a lot even tho I am an athiest- I like the stories behind goddesses and especially this one. She’s pretty much a good reminder that any ordered system can just go bonkers on you when you least expect it.

And then, the other half of the pages came out this way:

I think this is awesome. I have been wanting to write/paint/do something for sometime with this theme; that is, the “Jackson Pollack can suck it” theme.

Not that I don’t dig looking at his paintings. Just that I’m damned tired of stories like his when it comes to art and “genius.” The “tortured genius” thing really gets me agitated. The idea that any art is only for a chosen few steams my rice and leaves little burnt patches at the bottom of the pot. And the idea that being some kind of “tortured genius” is an excuse to treat people like shit, especially women- and then to make art that promotes that attitude, and put it out there to influence other artists- it’s just ridiculous. And it’s ridiculous that we give that kind of adoration to these folks.

Their art should stand alone, like everyone else’s is supposed to, and the lives of these folks are really not much to celebrate. I know that might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t really care. There are too many actually tortured women geniuses out there who never get a chance to put a paintbrush to paper for me to give a shit about the motivations that these kinds of men have had in dehumanizing women in their art.


Hope y’all like the pictures.

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I made this “zendala” last month while waiting for Aunt Flo to arrive at my door.

Today I have been a bit un-positive, due to the hormones. I know there are folks out there who say that PMS isn’t real, that it’s just something that we all buy into that makes women look really crazy. But I tell ya, it does a number on me.

I did do some work on the painting today. I’ll post pics later tonight. The figure details are looking much better, now I just gotta figure out those wings!

“Zendala” is a combination “ZENTANGLE”/”MANDALA”. A “zentangle” is basically just a jumble of really simple, really repetitive little designs and a mandala is based on a circle. I like combining the two. It really helps if you want to practice making little designs and it is just really relaxing. There is a website on Zentangle but I have really mixed feelings about posting it here mostly just because they want you to buy a kit to make them and the kit costs fifty bucks, and it’s totally superfluous. I’m gonna think about it and decide later if we want to link to them.

Now, I have to get ready to go to the grocery store.


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Process, process…

So I said I’d post some pics of the artsy process for y’all to look at. I got this new painting I am working on and it’s inspired by my love :D. Anyhoo, I’ll be adding some collage elements to it and I’m not sure exactly how that will look, but i can show you how it’s going so far…

Here’s me slathering on a mixture of black, red, and super-cheap craft smart gold paint to make a sorta base for my background…

And here’s the background with a wash on top of it (super cheap scarlet mixed with the super cheap gold)

The nifty thing about adding the super cheap craft smart gold paint to everything is that it dries all matte, but adds glimmeryness that is very subtle and you probly won’t see in the pictures. But there are tiny flecks of goldness in the layers.

After this is dried, I gessoed the basic area for the figure I wanted to put in, and then kinda worked the gesso till it was the right shape more or less.

I know a lot of folks will just do the sketch on the canvas, but I like how it looks when you gesso on top of the background. I used to want to be an archaeologist. I like the idea that underneath art is more art. Idunno if that makes sense. Don’t care really. I just like doing it this way.

So then I added a sketch, then a little color, then some more.

And that’s where she is right now. Yes, the gesso halo is deliberate. I can’t wait to finish painting this so I can start gluing stuff to it and paint it some more.


Also, went to art store today and got some MOD PODGE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Mod Podge. Yes.


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Starting Something…

I started a new painting last night, I think I mentioned it in my post. I am very excited about it. Laid down the background colors last night, and put gold paint in all the colors. Dunno why, I have been spoiled by the effect of just a little touch of shimmer.

I am trying to decide whether I should go ahead and sketch the face or not. Anyways.

I think I might post pictures of my progress. Have to figure out where the USB cord is to this confounded digital camera…


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