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Midnight Espresso

I am just coming back from an impromptu and involuntary vacation from internet usage- a common problem, I understand, for the renegades and ne-er-do-wells among us who don’t really bother with “legitimate” internet service. I mean, beggars really shouldn’t be choosers, right? *Ahem* Anyway.

I have real souped up internet now that doesn’t cut in or out every 5 seconds. I have the scanner hooked back up. It’s almost midnight and I’m getting ready to drink a home made double latte with extra dark cocoa powder in it. I am poor. I need gesso. That seems to be the updates.

How is everyone?

Wanted to pop in a reply to some comments I got on a post that actually got put on :: blushes :: the Carnival of Radical Feminists… but there is, I think, too much catching up for me to do tonight. IN the meantime, go and read this blog!


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