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Happy Wednesday!

Yes. It's upside down. I know this. So is my brain mwaaahhaa.

I have some new art journal stuff but the problem is that there are so many things plugged into our USB hub right now, there is no room to plug in the scanner.

This is the only problematic part of sharing a computer… there are times when you wanna just unplug and replug stuff but you don’t know what’s safe to unplug. And the scanner’s been acting, well… funny lately. Which gives me a touch of anxiety.

But for today, I do have this zendala that I did a while back, so that should keep the visual oomph for the site till i figure out what’s what. I’m working on a painting on a ceramic floor tile, and have an idea for a themed series… but I’m keeping that under wraps until I have three of ’em done. 😀

I am off this weekend, but there are some feministy-wordy things I want to put up here probably before then. I can’t wait to be off this weekend.

I am thinking of applying for a second job at Starbucks just so I can get my hands on more art supplies. I finally got some watercolor pencils… the cheapyest kind they had at michaels…. and I am in luuuuv. I want to get some of the crayons, and also some of the water soluble oil pastels. These oil pastels that I have, while I do love them very much, are very very old and very very dry.

No seriously. They are like, literally, 20 years old or something. The packaging on them looks like it comes from the seventies. Most of them I can work with but with the brown and the peachy-beigey color, it’s totally just like coloring with wax crayons. No smearing. They just won’t do it.

So that is my Wednesday update. Not much excitingness.

Has anybody ever applied for entry into an MFA program in art without having a BFA? Is it possible? Can it happen? The idea of doing college but doing it for art really, really appeals to me. Am I wrong? I loved college, and that was when I was studying anthropology. I can’t imagine going to school for art and not liking it.

I can, however, imagine how bad it would feel to do all the application hullaballoo and then not be accepted. But I guess that’s just negative thinking. I mean, I would be out fifty bucks, right? And I need to get a portfolio together any way just to have a decent means of showing people my stuff.

IDK. Please, advise me. All the programs I’ve looked at stipulate that the decision is based primarily on the quality of the portfolio but they also say that “generally” they don’t take “my kind” in their programs– that is, the kind who doesn’t have an undergrad degree in art already.

Oy vey.

Alright. Gotta go make rehab donuts. 😀


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I Have Made some Post-consumer stuff…


And also this…

And now I’m kinda at a loss as to what to do with them. I’m thinking maybe homemade journal covers. :: Shrugs ::

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I made this “zendala” last month while waiting for Aunt Flo to arrive at my door.

Today I have been a bit un-positive, due to the hormones. I know there are folks out there who say that PMS isn’t real, that it’s just something that we all buy into that makes women look really crazy. But I tell ya, it does a number on me.

I did do some work on the painting today. I’ll post pics later tonight. The figure details are looking much better, now I just gotta figure out those wings!

“Zendala” is a combination “ZENTANGLE”/”MANDALA”. A “zentangle” is basically just a jumble of really simple, really repetitive little designs and a mandala is based on a circle. I like combining the two. It really helps if you want to practice making little designs and it is just really relaxing. There is a website on Zentangle but I have really mixed feelings about posting it here mostly just because they want you to buy a kit to make them and the kit costs fifty bucks, and it’s totally superfluous. I’m gonna think about it and decide later if we want to link to them.

Now, I have to get ready to go to the grocery store.


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