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Ok, ok, I know I need a better name for these things b/c this sounds like some sort of artistic colo-rectal condition. I know that somebody out there has to be doing this already, so if they have a better name for it, they need to step up and let me know, dangit.

So all I did was take some shots with this polaroid camera that had really old film in it, then I gessoed the blank polaroids and painted on top of it. Voila! Instant awesomeness.

I think I really am getting a feel for the acrylics, b/c my shading, etc. has progressed a whole lot since I did this one probly a month and a half ago. Gah. I don’t ever want to do anything but paint. Now everyone and everything I look at becomes a painting. I don’t know if that’s healthy. It’s better than other alternatives, I guess.

Back in a bit with angel updates….


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