yemayamermaidThis is my version of a mythological figure, the goddess Yemaya, from the Afro-Caribbean pantheon. She is one of my favorite Goddesses.

A couple of years ago, when my life was all crazy, and I felt all funny at the job I was at, one of my coworkers took me to see a Santero- a Puerto Rican guy who would read your playing cards and tell your fortune.  The Santeros do much more than that- folks who do the Santeria thing see them as spiritual guides- but I talked to this guy about the Gods and he said that while Yemaya cares about me very, very much, I am a daughter of Oshun, Yemaya’s sister. Here is my painting of Oshun:oshunbathing1

In Santeria, Orishas are kind of like the Hindu Avatars, in that they are forms of God with which humans regularly commune.

I am an athiest. I have been for a while. But for me, that particular way of looking at the world and understanding death doesn’t translate to a lack of respect for the way other folks do it. I like to be a participant observer in every culture I come into contact with, and sometimes spirituality just feels good, or it can make you feel better- even if you ain’t a believer.

Lots of stuff has happened since last I posted… looks like we went out and elected ourselves a Black president- how many languages can you say “awesome” in?? That is tempered with the fact that two big gay-mecca states have passed some very heinous anti-gay legislature. Bleh. We gotta get out there and get folks on our page!

I will be stopping in again later to check in again. I have missed the blogness! I am glad to be back. 😀


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  1. I love these. So much. Perhaps one day I will… have them! *Wants.* *Wants also good home for displaying them.*

    Glad you’re back!

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