The Sickness

I has it.

I have yet to upload more new pics, and I have them- in the form of a damn-near completed painting on ceramic tile, and a few new art journal entries.

Today I called in to work. I have the cold, creeping crud, whatever it is that is “going around” at my workplace. It landed at about 4AM and wouldn’t let me sleep. Now I am supposed to be resting, but  think I have too much sugar energy from the juice I’ve been drinking. So I have been splattering paint around.

And also, while all that’s been going on the nation has dipped into a financial crisis that has been coming for quite some time yet is still a deeply stinging slap to the comfort and coziness we gringos all get a bit too wrapped up in sometimes. The government is giving to a small fistful of giant corporations what they could give to each of us- they could gift every woman, child, and man in this country with a few grand [talk about your economic stimulus, eh?]- but when Big Daddy Sam bails out, he bails out “corporate entities,” not people.

:: Shakes an angry fist at the democrats, who should know better, who DO know better but who’re too fucking wrapped up in their own white fucking privilege to give a goddam about anybody past the ends of their noses ::

I’ve decided. I’m voting to have a Black man for president. After he wins, I’m gonna start organizing for the Green Party. :: throws up hands :: I just don’t know what else to do.


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  1. Hola Elaina! Cómo estás? Tanto tiempo…
    Un beso

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