Friday. Just Another Day.

It really is, in the working class feminist’s world. I was getting every other weekend off but in order to accommodate some of the activisty-stuff I had to shuffle my schedule around in such a way that it looks like I’ll be doing second shift, weekends, without 2 days off in a row- quite possibly for the rest of my life. And I still need to go out and get that second job.

I want some watercolor pads and also want to get (duh) some more paint. I’d like to get some charcoal sticks, too.

But I haven’t posted any pictureness or anything since LAST WEEK (I know, I’m just an awful blogger) so I wanted to put this up for inspiration for folks who haven’t “personalized” their art journals.

This is one of those sketch diaries that you can buy at Michael’s or wherever. All I did was paint the back cover with acrylics and then used aluminum foil tape and a picture I’d done in the sketch book with oil pastels for the front cover. It’s “sealed” with semi-gloss heavy gel medium. It came out pretty cool, huh? Whenever I pull it out people always ask me where I got it, etc. It feels good to tell them I did it myself.

I love Indian religious art. The cover is actually a mandala thing- I just started out with two different-sized circles, and let my imagination do the rest, with the inspiration of some pictures of the goddess Kali I’d seen fueling my hands as they mushy-mushed the oil pastels. It’s also got some gel pen and some magic marker going on.

This weekend I will DEFINITELY have some new art journal goodness out there. Blasted scanner. Blasted lack of technological prowess.

And also I’m still working on the other stuff I mentioned in my last post. I’ve just been a busy bee.



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